Reconnect with Yourself: Inspired by Carrie Fisher

8 weeks
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Mothers often find that motherhood changes their identities so much they need to reconnect with themselves to feel peaceful and successful.
This program is intended to guide you on an exploration of what success means to you after you become a mom.
It's a major life change - but we don't often talk about the huge changes in who we feel we are and what we want.
Intended for the busy mom, this combination meditation and journalling course shouldn't need more than 10 minutes a day for you to experience more peace of mind.
Our journey will be inspired by one of the greats, Carrie Fisher. Both hilariously funny and with insights as hot as her Star Wars blaster, her quotes blaze a wise trail for us.
The course contains 9 weeks of themed journalling prompts, which can be done in any order and adjusted to fit your busy schedule.
Themes include: Relationships, Confidence & Happiness, Parenting, Self Awareness & more!