Connect with Your Values

Understanding your values is an important step in connecting with yourself and understanding what gives you a sense of purpose.

Do your best to narrow your values down to only 1-3 values that you consider the most important ones to you. If you try to focus on more than that, you'll end up with less clarity instead of more!

Link to values list:

I suggest starting with the shorter list (50) and you can find it in this post - There's a link there to a longer list if you feel the shorter one isn't working for you.

Questions to help if you're stuck:

  1. If you overheard someone describing you, what value words are both accurate and that you're proud to hear?
  2. If you have children, what values are the most important ones to pass on to them?
  3. If you're struggling to cut down your list, are there values that are related to each other? Which is more fundamental to you?
  4. Are there some things that you're having difficulty striking off your list because you feel you "should" value those things? Get rid of them! You don't have to share your list with anyone.
  5. Consider whether/which values influence the people you choose to be around. If you avoid people who don't reflect a certain value, or are drawn to people who do reflect a particular value, it's likely really important to you.
  6. If you could wave a magic wand and everyone in the world would have more of a certain value, which values would have a bigger impact and make the world a better place?

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