The Power of Connecting with Your Values

In this episode, Tamsen chats with Marisa Raymond, a playful parenting coach and yoga teacher who helps parents and children overcome exhaustion and chaos through heart-led decisions.

Marissa explains the importance of defining our personal values and reevaluating them during times of change. We discuss how different people have different definitions of the same value and how reevaluating values can lead to feelings of success, freedom, and happiness.

More about Marisa:

Marisa is a playful parent coach, yoga teacher, and board-certified genetic counselor who believes that we are all vital pieces of the epic jigsaw puzzle that is humanity.

Originally from New York City but currently living in Bordeaux, France, Marisa helps parents and children who feel mentally and physically exhausted from trying to get it all done. Her clients crave more family time but then, when it comes, they don't know how to connect in a way that's meaningful and enjoyable for everyone. Tempers flare, buttons get pushed, and everyone ends up feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. Marisa helps them get clear about what they really want, need, and desire so they can stop “shoulding” all over themselves and start to make heart-led decisions that lead to a more playful, happy, balanced life together.

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