Can You Hear Your Inner "NOPE"?

I was talking with a friend the other day who is having some trouble with relatives.

She said as her brother was trying to micromanage her relationships with other family members yet again, she heard her inner voice clear as day - "Nope."

"Not going to let it happen. Not this time. Not ever again. Nope."

My friend's experience hugely reflects back to me my own 'Nope Moment.' I remember the last time I let my brother hurt me - and finally hearing my inner voice clearly.

"Nope. It's not me, it's you. I'm done."

If you're struggling with feeling valuable, knowing that you matter - check in with your inner NOPE.

It's important for your sense of self worth that you KNOW you're worthy of love and respect. At the same time, there's a connection between how you feel about yourself and how people actually treat you. If you feel unworthy, there's almost no treatment that can convince you otherwise. Yet I've felt - and heard - many examples of how being treated disrespectfully can erode even a firm sense of self worth.

It's especially corrosive to our self worth if disrespect isn't challenged and starts to become something we experience regularly.

So check in with your Inner NOPE - does it speak to you when you're being disrespected?

Give it a nudge if you need to!

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