Who's Perfect? Not Me!

I've noticed a few mistakes in my printed book, and had some people notice other mistakes too. This is where I'm compiling a public list of mistakes. I do appreciate being notified if you see a mistake in the book - if you find one that's not listed here, please contact me through the website contact form and let me know, I appreciate it!

Unfortunately it's not a simple thing to correct - I need to get a new ISBN number and submit a new edition. Not sure when I'm going to do that, but I will keep you all posted here! Please note that these page numbers are for the printed version - if you find different mistakes in the electronic version, please let me know the location as best you can.

Current list (updated Sept 19 2022):

Page numbers are for the print version - if you are suggesting changes to the epub version please let me know location as specifically as you can.

Page 32: In point #1 - “in chapter” should be “in this chapter”.

Page 107: First paragraph has duplicated content. Everything after the first “they wouldn’t let it go.” should be deleted.

Page 158: Floating “T” in header needs to be deleted.

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